Come to Leicester!


Come and discover untold food treats in Leicester - an unexpected but rewarding break for a food lover

No, really! I know it’s not Ludlow or Abergavenney, but I love Leicester, particularly the market, which is a great traditional food market. This is not a chi chi farmers market, this is your “traditional” fruit and veg done really well, and reflecting Leicester’s position as the first UK city with no overall ethnic majority. This makes it the best place to go for really good unusual fruit and veg, offering a variety I’ve never seen in the supermarkets, and certainly at much better prices.

And from this Friday, there’ll be eating options on a Friday and Saturday to really reflect the rich culinary diversity of the county. Indian vegetarian food what you’re hankering after? Bobby’s will be there to meet that need. Need Italian style carbs? That’ll be Casa Romana’s job. Cup of decent coffee? One shot or two from Deli Flavour Delicatessen?

After a day of eating your way around the market, you might want somewhere great to stay, and I’d say give Hotel Maiyango a look. Maybe after a quick lie down, you’ll be ready to work your way through their dinner menu, not to mention the cocktail list, which is really quite something.

Do something different and discover the rich breadth of food on offer here in the Midlands. Just save me a space at Bobby’s, mine’s a Khandvi please!


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    Jules says:

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never shopped in Leicester. Only ever been there for work. I think I need to change this!

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