Christmas shopping for the wannabe mixologist


It’s definitely getting to be the run up to Christmas, so time to start thinking about different types of people to shop for. I know I’ve written about on great cocktail kit already, but thought it would be fun to focus on great gifts for those who want to make like Tony Conigliaro. So this is about everything except pretty much the liquor, which you could certainly add to any of these as well.


Trombone shaker by Nick Monro


Every mixologist needs a great cocktail shaker, and they certainly can set the tone for your style. If you wanted to give a really special looking one that’s going to last, then I love this Trombone cocktail shaker from Nick Monro. Classic design but interesting, I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with this. Unless they wanted a real trombone.


Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool


You just know that someone somewhere is going to think serving up lots of layered cocktails on Christmas Day is just the best ever thing they could do. If they are that person, they are going to love this. You’d probably want to add some minatures of different coloured liquers as well, then stand back when they start passing these round!




If they really love their gadgets, then how about the Bar10Der tool? This is the Swiss Army knife of bar gadgets, and would mean that you were never caught short of a jigger or strainer. Which has to be a good thing.


Cocktail Accessories Set


Maybe they’re more in the Del Boy territory than the Shoreditch of cocktails, more Pina Colada than Earl Grey Martini. In which case they need this cocktail accessories set. Not a cool thing amongst it, only in a very kitsch way. Which is possibly cool in its own way.


LSA Garbo


What you do need regardless of the type of cocktail you’re going to make is beautiful glasses. To be honest, I would serve water in these if nothing else, as I just think they are stunning. Called Garbo, they have style and mystique with just enough glitz to feel glamorous, not tacky.

Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Travelers SetIf you don’t want to risk duplicating spirits they already have then how about something a little unusual to add to their collection, like these Bitters. Perfect travel sizes, or for experimentation, to really give them a sense of upping their game. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what you’d do with the celery one, but could be a whole lot of fun to find the right one.

To be honest, if this is the sort of person you’re shopping for I think you can have a lot of fun with it, and across whatever budget you have. Cheers!



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