Chopstick training time!


I’ve written quite a few times about how much MGG loves her Chinese food, and she’s not bad with chopsticks. But you don’t just go from nothing to using chopsticks straight away. My local Chinese first off had a wad of paper and an elastic band round a set for her, and then we found some good training ones that were joined at the top.

And now I’ve found these:


Love them, and there are a whole range of dinosaurs and also farmyard animals, marine life like dolphins and lobsters, and zoo favourites like lions and elephants. These are currently listed at £1.75 a go, and I just think they’re a perfect way to get kids interested in eating with them, which might also get them turned onto Chinese food.

And even I fancy a pair or two of these! Buy online now from Cooking Time, a great source for interesting stuff.


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