Chocolates for Valentine’s Day – true love shows true taste


Can guarantee there will be some rubbish chocolate offerings around for Valentine’s Day, and I don’t just mean last minute quarter pound boxes picked up from the garage. In my view, I think all of these would pass muster and get you definite brownie points on the day:


For every occasion that needs chocolate, then Amelia Rope is always the answer if it's for a food lover


* I’ve written about Amelia Rope’s chocolate before, and think that your loved one would find her Purely Pink Duo a very tasty duet, not to mention stylish. One is a fantastic dark chocolate and the other is pale rose, so almost chocolate and flowers combined in one fabulous gift.


Chapel Down Truffles from Artisan du Chocolat - perfect Valentine's Day gift for a food lover


* I am rather fond of Artisan du Chocolat, and I would be very happy to find a box of their Chapel Down Truffles winging my way, as a very British alternative to champagne truffles. If you wanted something a little different then I would go for No 14 Salted Caramels Passion Fruit.


Hand painted chocolate heart from Rococo - perfect Valentine's Day gift for a food lover

* Rococo is one of those companies that just make chocolate look even more desirable, and do things that just make me want to buy a box or bar of everything. If I had to choose, then for Valentine’s Day then I love the hand painted heart. Looks too good to eat. Almost.


Montezuma's Limited Edition Valentine's Bar - perfect gift for a food lover


* Go with the generous option this Valentine’s Day with the 500g big bar from Montezuma’s. This is a limited edition bar, blending milk chocolate with orange and biscotti pieces.


Waitrose Chocolate Hamper - perfect Valentine's Day gift for a food lover


* If you’re looking for a one stop shop for gift shopping with a great chocolate selection, then try John Lewis. Whether or not you want a selection put together from Waitrose, or something from Hotel Chocolat or Fauchon, the selection is good. Up to you whether or not you feel the need to add cuddly teddies and the like to your order. I think most food lovers would rather have the heart shaped ramekins as an alternative.

Of course, you could take the risk on a box of Dairy Milk but why would you when there are so many fantastic alternatives?


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