Chinese New Year time!


Celebrate Chinese New Year in tasty style


I think it’s well documented on here that MGG and I love our Chinese food, particularly dim sum. And we don’t really need an excuse, but with Chinese New Year just around the corner, then a few extra things might sneak into the cupboards.

Crispy Chinese New Year Cookies - great gift for a food lover

Wai Yee Hong is a fantastic source of good stuff for your feast, particularly if you are in the Bristol area, but they do online as well. You can get the red lanterns, the red envelopes, the firecrackers and also something like these crispy New Year cookies.


Chinese Snack Taster Selection from Sous Chef - great gift for a food lover

If you fancy something to snack on whilst you’re cooking up your favourite Chinese dish, then how about this Chinese snack taster box from Sous Chef? Certainly some unusual bits to keep your guests talking! Though I think I can leave the beancurd jerky.


Chinese Treasures from Bluebird Tea - great gift for a food lover


Need a cuppa? How about Chinese Treasures from Bluebird Tea? This is their Ba Bao Cha, an ancient herbal medicine tea. Combining green tea and ginseng then this might just ward off winter bugs. Or just be a very nice cuppa.


Personalised Chinese New Year Lucky Mug - great gift for a food lover


In case you need a nice mug for the tea to go in, then how about a personalised lucky mug to celebrate the start of the Year of the Monkey? With the Chinese symbol for monkey on the front, and your choice of name on the back, then you can start the year off in style.


Lucky Buddha Beer - great gift for a food lover with a taste for different beers


And to toast it in with something a little stronger, how about a Lucky Buddha beer? Probably worth it just for the bottle, but I hear the beer is pretty good too.

I wish you Gong Hei Fat Choi, may the year of the monkey be a good one for you!


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2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year time!”

  1. Nice round up of fun things for Chinese New Year. love the buddha beer bottle. GG

  2. Yes, I must get my order in for some of those. I can’t imagine they’ll end up in the recycling somehow!

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