Celebrating the humble chip fork


Chip forks at the ready


And that’s about as close as this post is going to get to fish and chips!

But one of the great things about my blog is that the subject of great gifts for lovers of food gives me plenty of scope. And this one just appealed to me.


Chip fork pink


I love a good scarf, and I love a good portion of chips at the seaside, complete with the the little wooden fork. And so this design just really tickled me.


chip fork detail


Now, it’s a fantasy purchase from the scarf room at Liberty, one of my favourite places to window shop in a shop, but if you’ve got a significant event to buy for, or just bigger budgets than me, then it’s a great piece for someone to keep.

In the meantime I’ll hope the design comes out on a postcard!


Chips photo by Iain Tait on Flickr.


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