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It’s no doubt obvious that I love my food, and if you’ve read a selection of posts, my girl geekdom love for Doctor Who is probably also obvious. Whilst Jon Pertwee was my first doctor, then my interest really only got going with the advent of Ten, one David Tennant.

To be fair, I’d probably watch David Tennant read the phone book, but the writing has been, in the main, superb. So if you could not call from 7.20pm on Saturday please, as the new series begins. But in the meantime, here are a few things for Doctor Who fans to keep close to hand around the kitchen or dining room.


Dalek mug for Doctor Who fans - exterminate that cup of tea! Great gift for a food lover who loves Doctor Who


Exterminate bad tea breaks, thanks to your Dalek mug. From MrTeacup on Etsy, I wouldn’t take this one to the office for fear of someone making off with it. There is a Tardis version too (no, no idea if it’s bigger on the inside).


Let Jon Pertwee help you with the drying up - great gift for a food lover who loves Doctor Who


I’m always convinced my washing up bowl is bigger on the inside, as it does appear to be never ending. A Jon Pertwee tea towel won’t make it any smaller but it might cheer me up.


Tardis Cookie Jar - great gift for a food lover who likes things bigger on the inside


Something that would be useful to have bigger on the inside has to be a cookie jar. Let this Tardis look after your choc chip cookies.


Scare the cup out of the hand of a Doctor Who lover -great gift for a food lover who loves Doctor Who


Not cheap, but if you wanted some teacups with a real difference, and real geek brownie points, then I love these “Don’t Blink” cups and saucers. From Geekdetails, these ship from the US and currently are about £20 each set plus shipping. Some great pieces to be had.


Dalek Chocolate Mould - great gift for a food lover who loves Doctor Who


If only the Doctor had only got to face these Daleks, then they may not have been so bothersome! This mould can be used for chocolate or jelly, perfect for the dinner table for this weekend! From T and S Home and Garden on Folksy.

I was surprised actually there weren’t more things, given the many great images and words the series has given us. Hmm, maybe there’s an opportunity for me there…!


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