Bringing some classy glass to tea time


Glass Tea-iere from The White Company

I love my tea in the morning, but always feel it lacks the ceremony, at least in my house, of making a coffee. That has a whole plethora of bits of kit, from the grinder to the tamper through to the frothing jug.

Sadly, my tea routine is usually tea bag into mug.

But this glass tea-iere from The White Company is rather lovely, and I would enjoy making tea in this. Although thankfully it wouldn’t mean giving up my beloved Yorkshire Tea, as they do a loose leaf version.


Glass Tea Infuser Mug from The White Company


If you don’t consume large quantities of tea like me, then there’s also a tea infuser mug, perfect for individual serving. If you are serious about your tea, then maybe the glass tea timer would be a lovely addition if you were giving these as a gift.


Glass tea timer from The White Company


As always, some lovely things from The White Company, whether you’re shopping for a gift for a food lover or just a treat or two for yourself.


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