Bring on the water bottles


Bottled water drives me nuts, and I drive myself nuts when I forget to take a bottle of water with me somewhere and end up needing to buy water. So I think I just need to keep one everywhere, but I guess it doesn’t need to be the same one everywhere. Here’s a few that I think might be useful and interesting:


Delta Bottle


Starting with something very clean, clear and minimal in design, the Delta Bottle from KOR Water holds half a litre of water in style. It’s easy to carry and BPA free so no worries on that front.


Vapur Reflext


Now the Vapur Reflex may just solve my problems at a stroke, because it’s foldable and reusable, and therefore takes up minimum space wherever you decide to throw it. Also guess it makes it ideal for travelling. At just under £10 then I can imagine having a few of these around, bit like shopping bags.


Fill & Go from Brita


I keep a jug of filtered water in the fridge at home, and now you can have filtered water on the go as well. Brita is now available as a portable bottle, giving you filtered water wherever you fill up from. Perfect.


Camelbak Chill


Warm water not the best thing in the world when you’ve got a thirst on, so maybe an insulated bottle is a great way forward. The Camelbak Podium Chill will help to keep cold stuff cold for longer than a normal bottle, but presumably not all day. As long as you keep topping up with cold water I guess it will keep going.


Personalised water bottle


If you wanted to give a bottle as a gift, or just wanted to make sure that no one else could run off with your bottle, then this personalised version might be just the thing. You can be an Explorer or a Scout, and then really get your imagination running wild. Two sizes available as well.

So there really is no excuse for being caught out on the water front, I just need to get organised on this. How do you avoid buying bottled water?


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