Bring on the pies!


Celebrating British Pie Week - love our pies

Tomorrow sees the start of British Pie Week, which has to be one of my favourite weeks of the year. I know it’s sponsored by Jus Rol, but I have to admit to quite often resorting to a pack of their pastry. Whilst it’s really geared to the pub trade, I think it provides a great excuse to get out and indulge in great pies of the UK. Here’s a few thoughts:

*I’ve written loads about pork pies, and there are only three choices for me: Mrs King’s, Brockelbys and Brays Cottage.

* For tasty pies for dinner, then try Simple Simon’s Pies from Scotland. Starting out with the best local Aberdeen Angus, they now offer flavours such as chorizo sausage with black eyed beans and goats cheese or a Breakfast Pie. These are puff pastry pies, which I do love, even with all the flaky messiness!

* No need anymore to miss out if you’re the sensitive type, as The Gluten Free Kitchen can offer you up a couple of decent pie options. There are pork pies for picnics, or minced beef and onions for dinner time. These are gluten and wheat free, but not taste free!

* MGGs favourite pie is chicken (unless it’s a pork pie day) and I think she’d be quite impressed with the free range chicken pie from Lodge Farm Kitchen. Smooth and creamy sauce wraps up chunks of free range chicken topped off with crisp puff pastry. Seems to be a good sustainable business model as well, with on site wormeries, compost bins, and reusable packaging.

* If you’re going to go down the homemade route, then you’ll be wanting a good pie dish. I love the good old-fashioned enamel ones that Lakeland have, they remind me of my grandma’s.

* Need some inspiration on what pie to cook? Then my recommendation would be Pie by Angela Boggiano. From sweet pies to special occasion pies, there is a pie for every occasion in here.

Go on, treat yourself to a pie this week! Perfect for if the weather is going to turn colder, nothing better!


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  1. I’m making a tart, does that qualify? lol

  2. Ah, go on then!

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