Brilliant breakfast at Clinton St. Baking Company


I’ve written before on how much I love a good breakfast, and I think Americans do breakfast particularly well. Last year’s trip to NYC was all about Kitchenette, this year it was about Clinton St. Baking Company. We were staying just round the corner from here so there was no excuse not to visit.


Settling in for a great breakfast at Clinton Street Baking Co

So we did.


And had fantastic breakfasts each time. They are renowned for their pancakes, which I have to admit were up there amongst the best I’ve ever had, really light and fluffy. Apparently that’s down to whipping up the egg whites and adding them in separately. There’s also the small, delicious matter of the maple butter, which I can only assume is maple syrup added to clarified butter. Seriously delicious.


Banana pancakes at Clinton Street Baking Co


But it would be a missed eating opportunity to only do the pancakes. The eggs benedict got a serious thumbs up from Mother FGH, who declared them almost as good as those on Royal Caribbean Cruises, which was intended as high praise.


Eggs Benedict at Clinton Street Baking Co


The country breakfast had fabulous maple cured ham, as well as crumbly buttermilk biscuits. Of course having something like a plain scone is a bit odd to us at breakfast, but I got to like them. I had the potato pancakes one day, which I would say were like rosti, but then served with cinnamon sour cream and applesauce. Deliciously different for breakfast.


Potato pancakes at Clinton Street Baking Co


As usual with American dishes, there was always more than someone could eat, but I ended up always happy to see some of the biscuits left, as they acted as the perfect vehicle for the raspberry jam that appeared on the table. This tasted like crushed sunshine to me, just raspberries at their best, not sugary gloop. I got a postcard with the recipe on, which I am going to make and will blog about that in due course. It’s simple, quick and designed for small quantities.

I’d go back anytime to eat there, although apparently at a weekend 2 hour waits are not unusual, as I would guess it only sits about 30 people. Mondays at 8.15am were fine though. If you’re not going to NYC, then the book looked lovely too, and am tempted to add this to my bookshelves, if only to have a crack at the pancakes!


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