Brewing up for Christmas


I love my tea, and a day that doesn’t start with a good mug is not so good. And I’m a bit boring, in that my tea of choice in a morning is a cup of Yorkshire tea (you can take the girl out of Yorkshire…!) But as we’re coming up to Christmas, and there are some lovely choices around, then how about something a bit festive?


Winter Apple


My kitchen smelt lovely as I brewed up two new teas from Tea Palace. The Winter Apple probably just edged it for me, with the mix of apple, winter spices, orange zest and cardamom.  And a big dollop of honey didn’t go amiss either! The Spiced Pear is a little more delicate, and I can actually see this one working better as an iced tea. But I might wait till it gets warmer to try that theory!


Gingerbread Chai


I don’t know which of the Christmas Collection from Bluebird Tea to choose if I’m honest. Gingerbread Chai is a rooibos base, so is going to be lovely and warming. But for something different in every aspect then it has to be the Christmas Cake tea. So yes, it has lovely black tea with the addition of vanilla, cloves and orange. But it’s really the pretty snowflake sprinkles that do it. Sucker for pretty things!


Sweet Orange Rooibos


I really like Bellevue Tea, and even sent my team Bellevue Tea gifts one year, when I had a team that all drank tea. I know, hard to believe there are people who don’t! For something a little different, and for a calming moment in amongst the madness, then I’d try their Sweet Orange Rooibos. Sweet, nutty and zesty. Sounds familiar.


Spice Imperial


If you need to do a last minute high street dash (or if you’re organised and order online now) then Whittard’s still with us, and you could try their Spice Imperial tea. This is a black tea, with flavours of citrus and mulled wine. Perfect if you’re not big on actual mulled wine. Or are needing to recover from an excess perhaps!

So, perhaps it’s time to shake up the teapot contents to be something a little more festive! I mean, Christmas cake needs something to go with it!


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