Breakfast at my Aussie food hero’s


Sunday Breakfast at Bill Grangers


As it’s a leisurely long weekend here, and a leisurely Sunday breakfast is one of my favourite things, then it made me think of one of my highlights of our trip to Australia. Up there with the natural wonders of Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, Sunday breakfast at Bills at Surry Hills was the perfect memorable end to a wonderful trip.

I’ve written many times about how much I love Bill Granger’s books, the freshness of the recipes, the idyllic looking lifestyle…I mean, I can dream. And eating at one of Bill’s restaurants (not to be confused with Bill’s, the apostrophe makes all the difference, not to mention the locations) has been on my eating bucket list for a long time.

Yes, I know there’s one in Notting Hill but not the same. And breakfast at Surry Hills was everything I hoped it would be, as there was always that fear that it might not live up to the expectation.

But it did, from the friendly service, to the way coffee was quickly with me (it was 7.30 on a Sunday morning). From the healthy looking green juice that was actually delicious, through to the pile of fluffy ricotta hot cakes. Ok, I know it’s what they are known for and not the most exciting choice on the menu, but god, it was mouthwateringly good. Talk about clouds of fluffy deliciousness.


Bills menu Surry Hills


MGG had the sweetcorn fritters, which I must track down the recipe for and replicate at home, as these were sweet, savoury and crunchy all in one. In fact, there wasn’t anything on the menu that I wouldn’t have happily ordered and worked my way through. Had to settle for ordering a second coffee instead, sadly.


Even the flowers in the ladies were beautiful
Even the flowers in the ladies were beautiful


Surry Hills looked like it would have been a great place to explore further but we had a plane to catch. I did notice the Rapha shop opposite also had a cafe, filled with very sporty looking types. I knew which side of the road I belonged on.

So, sometimes it’s good to meet your hero, tick something off your bucket list and start planning a return trip. Like I said, I can always dream.


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