Blowing the trumpet for The Foodie Bugle Shop


I love this site, so many beautiful looking things. It’s new to me, not sure how long it’s been around but gosh, I hope it’s around a long time. I can really imagine covering a lot of different gift giving occasions, and recipients, from this site.

The food sections have some great choices. Even the first page, top row, shows three things I’d be happy to give to anyone: Arganic Oil, Righteous Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil and The Fine Oil Co Aged Balsamic Vinegar. That’s a great gift right there!




Dig in a bit further and you’ll find things like jams from The Artisan Kitchen (toffee apple jam anyone) and England Preserves. If you wanted something a bit more savoury or unusual, then I love the sound of the Masala Monsoon Floral Garam Masala blends. And they also stock pretty much my favourite chocolate, from Amelia Rope.

If you need liquid refreshment, they have everything from great tea and coffee through to hedgerow liquers and cordials. Need something great to eat off or drink from? They’ve got that covered too. But the bit that is going to be a tempting for me will be the pre-read, pre-loved food and cookery books.

Oh, and then there’s the vintage cake tins, and the jelly moulds…the list could go on!

I would definitely say this is a site worth stopping by, bookmarking, subscribing to the newsletter. I am sure you’re going to find it useful!


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Helen Tarver

Collector of great gifts and fabulous food, mum, cake baker & eater, wine opener. I write about food and the gift of it in its many forms.

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