A quick photo trip round Paris


Paris Time


Just in time for Bastille Day, I thought I’d share some photos from the two nights I had in Paris recently with the day job. Which is no bad thing, when in between the work stuff you can stumble across all kinds of great stuff en route to the next work thing.

So, just a few snaps to remind you why any time spent in Paris is a treat for a food lover. I mean, this was the local bakery just along the street from my friend’s apartment:


Just your average local bakery, when you're in Paris


There were beautiful napkins to browse at Fragonard, in amongst all the amazing fragrances:


Beautiful napkins at Fragonard

Fab chocolate displays for Father’s Day, which could have been very tempting.


Chocolate for Dads, Parisian style

I stopped in this store because their air conditioning was great (it was a fabulously warm day, about two days after they were moving paintings out the basement of the Louvre). They also had some great food based gifts.


Father's Day Gifts Parisian Style

And then back to the bakers, to discover why Parisians don’t bake. I mean, why would you when this was on the doorstep?


Why Parisians Don't Bake

And that was about all I had time to fit in. Well, that and drinking champagne in the Tuileries Gardens until late with good friends. Which is probably the best thing to do during any trip to Paris.

I highly recommend it.


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