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For those of you remember a post I did back in 2012 about Teapigs, I thought this might give you a smile. I still get lots of questions about Teapigs on the back of that post and the BBC follow up, I guess it’s one that just doesn’t go away.

I just happened to google Teapigs ownership today in an idle moment on the back of a question, which I hadn’t done in an age. Which meant I had missed that Teapigs had created a “Starting Up” page on their website.

Fascinating, it’s much more honest and open than some of the answers I got. But not entirely.

Which is why the comments, and the follow ups make for even more interesting reading. I just find it fascinating. Why would you decide to set the record straight, but not really? Surely if you decide it’s a fair cop, then you have to put your hands up? Not sort of, half way, to the story you want to keep telling?

But then we know that Nick Kilby believes us all to be “very ill-advised”.

I would say whoever thought that “Starting Up” page was a good idea was very ill-advised. This one just keeps on running. Like I said, your mother was probably right, always best to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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