53 hours of food and drink in Berlin


My first trip to Berlin, fabulous apart from the wasps

I only have two words to sum up my first experience of Berlin:

Bloody wasps!

I mean, the weather was glorious, we found great places to eat and drink outside, and then couldn’t because the place seemed over-run with wasps. But other than that, I had a great time. Once I’d started eating inside.


Cafe Einstein - definitely going back, may stay all day next time


Our first day was a bit taken up with recovering from an early flight and fighting the wasps, so not much to write home about. But we made up for it by day two! In fact, was very tempted to stay put all day, as I loved Cafe Einstein so much. As two separate people had recommended it, then we had to try it for breakfast.


My fabulous bread basket at Cafe Einstein


They asked us if we wanted to eat inside or out, but warned us about the wasps. We ate inside. I had fantastic scrambled eggs with ham, and could have happily devoured the whole bread basket. The coffee was great, we stayed for a second. Don’t make a mistake and go to the one on Unter den Linden (we did the first day), it’s a bit of a pale imitation. Go for dinner and head to the upstairs bar afterwards, Brad Pitt did. Although he was filming at the time.

We spent hours in KaDeWe, both in the cookshop and in the food hall. I came back with a Brandenburg cookie cutter, though it was a tough decision. The food hall was like Harrods and then some, and we almost fell into indecision over which of the food stations to eat at. So instead I discovered my new favourite champagne is Jacquart.


My new favourite champagne, Jacquart. Mosaic or rose, don't mind either


We walked for miles, which led us to a pleasant accident discovery. We stopped for homemade ginger lemonade at Oxymoron, and liked it so much we went back for dinner. It was a very inventive menu, and seems to change daily. Although I’m still not convinced by the avocado ice cream that came with my starter.


Ginger Lemonade at Oxymoron, a welcome break


We should have come straight here for pre-dinner cocktails, as the Gin & Tonic Bar was disappointing in the extreme. We interrupted football viewing, so got no menus, surly service and two gin and tonics for €26! In spite of my love of gin, I won’t be going back, although we did discover that we like Gin Sul a lot, and a bottle made it back home with us.


Cafe Krone - perfect Sunday brunch hangout


My final meal was a late brunch at Café Krone, after we had walked some of the last standing sections of the wall. Loved it in here, very chilled, perfect Sunday morning kind of place. But there were flights to catch.


Tryp Berlin Mitte - would definitely stay here again, great hotel


We stayed at the Tryp Berlin Mitte, which was lovely and I’d stay there again. We had got a good deal on the room anyway, and upgraded our room for an extra €30 per night. This gave us a much bigger room, free wi-fi, an incredible shower and the contents of the mini bar. We’d do this again, and definitely stay there again, as it’s a great hotel, great staff and perfect location.

So, I’d hope to go back and explore Berlin some more, eat my way round some more places. But only if the wasps have buggered off!


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