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The Friday Five – the best cookbooks of 2016 around the world

December 2nd, 2016 · Christmas foodie gifts, Cookbooks, Foodie gifts, Friday Five


Your own library of cookbooks


It’s no secret that I love cookbooks, and I love to give cookbooks as gifts. With so much choice though, it can be completely overwhelming, which is why those best of lists are so helpful. My only challenge is that they can be a little bit samey, from the same voices. So, I’ve looked a bit further afield to see what publications around the web have offered their readers, and taken my choices from there.


Better Baking: wholesome ingredients, delicious desserts


Better Baking by Genevieve Ko – from the Washington Post’s list, starting off with a baking book, but one that focuses on different flours, fats and sweeteners. A Melting Walnut Snowball sounds like perfect Christmas baking to me. Good to see some UK talent makes the list, including Chetna Makan and Diana Henry. Was also a close run thing to make this entry Cooking for Jeffrey by Ina Garten, as I do love these two. Maybe order both?


Food52: a new way to dinner


Food52 A New Way to Dinner – up to Canada now for this list from the Ottawa Citizen. Again, good to see Diana Henry on the list, but I’ve chosen this one from the team at Food52. This is to tackle weekday dinners, the just feed us all now kind of dinners. Each of the sections gives you the recipes and the shopping lists, and gives you weekday choices, many that riff one off the next so you can always work out what to do with leftover ingredients. Great for busy working people who like to cook for themselves.


Meathead: The Science of Great Grilling


Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling – this one comes from Wired’s list of cookbooks of 2016, not a publication I would have expected to have this feature but a really interesting list if you’re looking for books that do the science of cooking as well as tasty dishes. If you’ve got a really keen grillmaster or mistress to buy for, this book would up their game to a whole new level, not to mention giving them some new recipes to go at. Expect a lot of conversations about the benefits of reverse searing.


All Under Heaven


All Under Heaven: Recipes from the 35 Cuisines of China – as you might expect from the Bay area, this is a fabulous book of Chinese recipes from across this huge country, written by a San Francisco based food blogger and writer. From the San Francisco Times list, this is described as detailed and academic, hefty but a pleasure to read. Definitely one for those who love their Chinese food authentic and varied.


An: To Eat


An: To Eat – finally, from Gear Patrol’s list, comes this exploration of Vietnamese cooking from Helene An. Exploring her family’s story through cooking, this gives over 100 recipes including things like oven-roasted lemongrass chicken and slow roasted pork shoulder. In fact all the books on the Gear Patrol list were a bit different and, with the exception of Tim Anderson’s book, not ones that I’d come across before.

So, some different choices, some different lists and possible extra brownie points on Christmas Day. Or some extra books on your own bookshelves. I consider that a win either way.


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Who would win my great gift awards for food lovers?

November 23rd, 2016 · Christmas foodie gifts, Foodie gifts


Who would your winner be?


Someone asked me earlier this week who I thought did food gifts really well, doing something a bit different.

Well, it’s like my Mastermind specialist subject. And I could have kept them all day, but didn’t. So, these are my definitely the winners in my book, for when you’re looking for something just a little bit different for a special food lover on your list.

Bluebird Tea Co


Make your own black tea kit from Bluebird Tea Co


I know, I write about these guys a lot, but I love them and what they’re doing, have done since we met on a front lawn of a country house years ago. Their gifting is inventive and imaginative, and their tea is top notch. I think I could find something for everyone from Bluebird, and at every price point. Love them. Buy direct from them, or there’s a large selection on Not On the High Street.


Artisan du Chocolat


Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Honeycomb


I’ve always had their salted caramels on my wish list (and it’s the one thing that’s always got taken notice of, lucky me). I love that you can do proper, grown up, single estate, high percentage cocoa with them, and you can do things like salted caramel honeycomb. So essentially a posh Crunchie. My idea of heaven. Chocolate for every budget and every taste, but always incredibly tasty and beautiful looking.


Master of Malt


Ginvent 2016 Advent Calendar


I love these guys for alcohol gifts with edge and interest. I loved them when they started out with the sample sets, I think they’ve been brilliant at the advent calendars, never mind just the mind blowing collection of whiskies, gins, liqueurs and other spirits. They do tasting sets, which can help educate and develop your palate. Or just have some good evenings in. Great choices.


The Snaffling Pig Co

Pig N Mix Christmas Gifting

I love businesses with a passion and a focus, and that’s definitely true here. It’s all about the pig, starting with the pork scratchings. The jars look great, and definitely make a great looking, tasty gift. The Pig Night In also includes their own beer, so definitely one to sit back and enjoy. And it’s not too late to get hold of their advent calendar either. Twenty four days of pork scratching gorgeousness.




Craft Gin & Tonic Hamper


Brilliant source for beautifully curated gifts from the best artisan producers around. Supporting a small business supporting other small food and drink businesses has to be a good thing, and they have such lovely selections. Again, something for every budget and kind of taste. It can be drink, it can be store cupboard, it can be fresh food.


So, five great businesses that I reckon could fulfill many of your food and drink gift options for all kinds of people at all kinds of price points. If you could only nominate five places to shop from great food and drink gifts, where would you pick?


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Great gifts for my gorgeous fellow gin lovers

November 17th, 2016 · Christmas foodie gifts, Foodie gifts


A shelf full of Irish gin loveliness


There doesn’t seem to be a mention of gin on Facebook without at least one of my friends tagging me in it. Now, I do love my gin, though possibly don’t drink anywhere near as much as my reputation seems to suggest!

But gin lovers are being well catered for this Christmas, even without a bottle of the hard stuff being part of the gift. Here’s some of my favourites:


Adore Gin Christmas Card


Firstly, you’ll be needing a Christmas card for them. This hits the right note.


Making a gin putting in ice sweatshirt


If it’s cold outside, you’ll need wrapping up warm.


Don't come in if you haven't got gin


Want to make sure you only get the right kind of guests? Hang this one on the front door instead of the traditional wreath.


Anti Stress Remedy Gin Glass


Even the thought of guests stressing you out? You’ll need this anti stress remedy glass to serve your perfect gin and tonic in.


Gin and Tonic Tea


Too early for gin? Is it ever too early for gin? Anyway, gin and tonic tea with your toast anyone?


Gin & Lemon Jam

Talking of toast, how about upgrading your normal jam and switching to a Gin & Lemon jam?


Relationship status gin mug


And you’ll be needing a mug to serve your tea in, and possibly raise a smile or two.

Pickerings Gin Christmas Baubles

Now you’ll be ready to decorate the tree. Gin filled baubles are definitly my kind of thing. Though no one will notice if you replace it with water on the quiet.


Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lip Balm

A quick slick of gin and tonic lip balm and you’ll be ready to take on the day.


Gin Bunny Gym Bag


Time for a trip to the gin. Oh, sorry, that should say gym. But why give up the habit of a lifetime? But I do love this as a gym bag.


Drink more gin personalised apron

Time to cook dinner, so you’ll be needing a good apron. This one has my name all over it. Although it could have yours, as there’s a personalised element to it too.


Craft Gin & Tonic Hamper


So, maybe it’s time to actually get onto the good stuff. I really love Craved and this Craft Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit is a winner with me. With London Dry Gin or Old Tom Gin, it comes with built in snacks. It’s a night in in a box.


Gin soy wax candle


Start the wind down, and get your gin and tonic candle lit. Few deep breaths in, and a gentle sip of that G&T you made earlier.


Gin hot water bottle cover


Now, fill up your hot water bottle (with water, not gin) and head off to bed, to dream dreams of days and nights ahead filled with good gin.

And if you need to find some other gin based ways to fill your day, then check out Gin School. Great way to spend a few hours.



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Christmas Chocolate Choices

November 15th, 2016 · Chocolate, Christmas foodie gifts, Foodie gifts


Time for some chocolate indulgence


Christmas is such a great time for some chocolate indulgence, for something a bit different and a bit more indulgent than a Wispa. And I don’t mean two Wispas! Here’s some to be considering:


The Chocolatier Water Ganaches


First up, order anything from The Chocolatier. I love what they are doing, truly delicious flavours, and a really passionate family affair. I met Aneesh and his family at their stand at Cake International where MGG and I worked through quite a few products and flavours, and came home carrying rather a lot of purchases! For something different I would try the Chocolate Peanut Butter, the Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel and any of the water ganaches. You won’t be disappointed!


J Chocolate Rugoso


For “simple” chocolate then I’d recommend J.Cocoa for true bean to bar production of some very tasty chocolate bars. I really love the 70% Rugoso Dark Chocolate, this has beautiful, smooth flavours to it. I also love James’ story, he started this as a hobby, is still making this in a shed in the garden and used to be a fishmonger. I don’t know how good he was as a fishmonger, but he’s making amazing chocolate.


artisan chocolate making kit


If they fancy themselves as a chocolatier, then maybe start them off with a chocolate making kit from Full of It Craft Chocolate. With two different kits, these come with raw cacao butter and raw cacao powder, either from Peru or Ecuador. All the instructions are there, and they can add their own choice of flavourings. Could be a great activity on Christmas Day afternoon, after the turkey and all the other excitement.


Rococo Roald Dahl Chocolate


I love Rococo, and I love the link up they’ve done as part of the Roald Dahl 100 celebrations. Each bar draws inspiration from different characters, from James with his giant peach, through to Mr Twit’s Beardy Breakfast Bar. These could make great stocking fillers for kids, big and small.


Chocolate Avocado


Chocolate certainly doesn’t have to be serious, and so this one is a bit of fun. Avocado has certainly been having a moment, and so perhaps you can pretend that you’re being healthy whilst indulging in this chocolate avocado. I might send it to MFL as he loathes avocado but loves chocolate.


Craft Chocolat Subscription


For a gift that keeps on giving for a bit longer than just Christmas Day, then how about a craft chocolate subscription from Cocoa Runners? Three bars of the finest craft chocolate will arrive every month, along with tasting notes so you really get the most out of the experience. Definitely one for the chocolate connoisseur.


Organic Trinidad Sipping Chocolate


Maybe they might like their chocolate on the hot side? Hot chocolate forms part of our Christmas traditions, and this sipping chocolate from Luxury Fine Foods would definitely make a very indulgent grown up hot chocolate. Made using single origin organic cacoa beans from Trinidad, this melts beautifully into warm milk and will make a great indulgence on a cold night.

Of course these are all lovely, and I think most people would be very happy to receive any of them. But there’s still room for a Terry’s chocolate orange in every stocking on Christmas morning, possibly even a Cadbury’s selection box. Although I think we might be having a Toblerone boycott going on. What chocolate is part of your family traditions at Christmas?


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Gifts for the flavour and ingredient explorers

November 13th, 2016 · Christmas foodie gifts, Foodie gifts


Exploring new flavours and ingredients


There are those that love their cooking and are always on the hunt for new flavours, new ingredients, new things to try and experiment with. Christmas is a great time to indulge them, and seek out something a little different for them to play with. Here’s a few to get their imaginations fired up and some experimental cooking ready to go:


Spice Drops Baking Collection

The Holy Lama spice drops are brilliant additions in the kitchen, really concentrated flavours in an easy to add way to many dishes. The Baking Kit gives them the flavours of cardamom, rose, ginger and cinnamon in a way that can be introduced into all kinds of recipes. The flavours are really fresh tasting, as these are cold pressed from the best spices, and create these highly concentrated essences. Great for experimenting.


Smoked Sugar from Smoky Brae


I really love the idea of this Smoked Sugar from Smoky Brae, for the flavour it would add to all kinds of confectionary and sweet goods. A smoky salted caramel sounds like my idea of heaven on a plate. Smoky Brae also do a great gift set that has the sugar as well as their smoked gravalax cure and smokey BBQ rub, so something for all seasons.


Aduna Moringa Super Powder


There’s been lots of matcha following on from green tea, but if you want to move them on a bit then maybe try them out with Moringa. Aduna do this as a powder, which can be added to soups and smoothies. If it’s anything like matcha then it’ll be quite a challenge, probably quite an acquired taste, but that might be just the kind of challenge they like.


Organic brown teff flour from Real Foods


How about getting them different flours to play with? There’s such a huge variety available now, this one is organic brown teff flour from Real Foods, who have an incredible selection of different flours. If you want to give them some inspiration about what to do with different flours, then I really recommend Flavour Flours by Alice Medrich.


Hot banana ketchup from Sinclairs Condiments


I had never heard of banana ketchup before this year, but keep seeing it cropping up now. This one from Sinclair Condiments could just go on a burger or sausage, but it’s also good for trying out in a marinade or glaze. Something like this that gives them plenty of ways to try and use it have to be a good thing.


White Aged Balsamic Vinegar from Gourmet Spice Co

I’ve written a few times about Gourmet Spice Co over the years, and they always have something different to tempt with. I would try out the White Aged Balsamic Vinegar, because it tastes delicious but also brings some conversational bragging rights as not many people have heard of white balsamics. They’ll find it has lots of uses, and sure they’ll have lots of ideas. Gourmet Spice Co also have a good selection of different gift boxes if you can’t choose just one product. I usually have that problem!


The Flavour Thesaurus - perfect gift for a food lover looking to explore flavour combinations


If they don’t have it already, then I also recommend buying them a copy of the Flavour Thesaurus, as that has so many combinations of flavours to inspire them. There are combinations in here that you just would not think of, or get bored of trialling. Fascinating reading, even if they never actually get round to doing anything with them.

Of course, there is a fine line here, try not tip into the territory of most loathed food lover gifts! These are not the people to buy giant pepper grinders for! Less is definitely more with them, finding stuff that’s unusual but not unusable.


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The best Advent Calendars for food and drink lovers

November 11th, 2016 · Christmas foodie gifts, Foodie gifts


The countdown is on!


Advent calendars have come along way since I was a kid, and the excitement of finding you got a picture of a robin, or a snowman. Then we upgraded to chocolate, and that was that for quite some time.

And then all of a sudden there’s every kind of calendar around, and I think they just get more interesting each year. So, here’s my roundup of the ones I love this year:

Christmas Chocolate Lovers CountdownHow about advent and then some? Simply Chocolate’s “Countdown to Christmas” adds some extra chocolate into your advent countdown. I mean, who doesn’t want to celebrate a few half days? That could brighten up your lunchtime. Not only that, but you get some interesting chocolate flavours, including Crunchy Coco and Misty Martha. Which is something to do with hazelnuts.


Snaffling Pig Pork Scratchings Advent Calendar


Who says advent calendars have to be about sweet stuff? Snaffling Pig have created what I think is the first pork scratchings advent calendar. Six different flavours to work through, a mini bag behind each door. If it’s their kind of thing, then this is going to make their December.


Bluebird Luxury Tea Advent Calendar


The calendar also doesn’t have to generate huge calorie counts before the big Christmas feast. I love Bluebird Tea’s advent calendar, packed full of amazing tea as you’d expect but also some nice surprises (also low calorie) such as mini candles and pin badges. Oh, and some chocolate. But just a little.


Ginvent 2016 Advent Calendar


There again, could have a daily indulgence, and in my case my favourite option would be gin. The Ginvent Calendar is right up my street, and perfect for any fellow gin lover. The selection includes some more unusual artisanal gins, and gives you enough to work out if you want to splash out on the full bottle or not. Possibly it’s not quite the done thing to sample these ones first thing in the morning though.


Charbonnel et Walker Advent Calendar


Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good chocolate advent calendar, and Charbonnel et Walker have a rather lovely one.  A little more than a chocolate shape each day, you’ll be treated to things like their classic English rose fondant creams, or even some fudge for a change. Beautiful looking too.


Craft Beer Advent Calendar


Maybe beer is their thing, and maybe just a small indulgence each day is a good thing. Honest Brew has produced a calendar of craft beers, containing a whole range of beer styles including pilsners, porters and stouts, and from a variety of different small brewers. Again, a nice way to sample a variety of different producers.


Fortune Cookie Advent Calendar


Finally, combining two trends, Cracking Cookies offer something a bit different, in that this is an advent calendar of fortune cookies, and then personalisation, as each cookie contains a message from you. I guess you could build this up into revealing a big surprise, so a series of clues perhaps, or just 24 things about the person eating the cookies. Different, but not cheap at £44.99, so maybe leading up to a surprise is the best thing. I’m thinking a very big, good kind of surprise…though Eastenders could rewrite this as a lead up to a Christmas Day departure in a taxi kind of surprise.

I think these are lovely, but I do slightly struggle with these a bit, in terms of some of them are quite expensive, for something that isn’t actually a gift to give on Christmas Day. It’s one heck of a treat to yourself in the run up to Christmas for sure. Maybe if we do end up back in austerity measures then we’ll all be back on lovely picture calendars by next year. Love to know your thoughts on these.


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How to wrap the most awkward shaped presents for a food lover

November 9th, 2016 · Christmas foodie gifts, Foodie gifts


Let’s face it, sometimes you do look at the perfect gift for someone but then just leave it there because of 1 thought: it’ll be a bugger to wrap. So, just so you don’t have to rule anything out, then I’ve raided the web for the best guides for wrapping the most difficult of shapes, and a few just odd ones.


1. Wrapping a bottle

wine bottles wrap from Spoon Fork Bacon on Vimeo.

This is a useful skill all year round, and this makes it look simple and pretty. You can adapt this to any size of bottle I guess, and certainly a step up from my usual attempts! It’s also something a bit different to a bottle bag, although they are always my favourite standby, as bottles of all kinds of things make great gifts.

2. Wrapping a mug


How to wrap a mug


I love this idea, of wrapping a mug in fabric to create a festive pineapple (pinned from the Oh Joy! blog). I think you might be able to do this with a tea towel, so giving two presents in one. I’m really fond of both mugs and tea towels as gifts, given the huge choice which allows you to really personalise the gift.


3. Wrapping a book


I love to give cookbooks or good food writing, and I always think I’ve got wrapping books down to a fine art, as they are a simple enough shape. So this video will help take your book wrapping up a level or two.


4. Wrapping a saucepan


Wrapping a frying pan


I love this, which dates from 1963. Maybe it’s an era when gifts were more practical, but I think it would be a great way to wrap a frying pan even today.


5. Wrapping a hamper



Helpful if you are making a hamper of your own so it’s a very personalised gift, but doesn’t need to look any less professional.

Other than this, my answe is always get a box, and some tissue paper, and then wrap the easy shape. And maybe don’t stress about it. All that really matters is what’s inside the gift and the thought you put into it. A well thought out gift badly wrapped is worth a thousand times its opposite number!


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Great gifts for the gadget gurus and geeks

November 7th, 2016 · Christmas foodie gifts, Foodie gadgets, Foodie gifts


Gadgets galore for the kitchen gadget geek


Christmas is a great time to indulge the gadget loving food lover and cook with a new gadget or two. They don’t have to be big gadgets, they can even be just fun gadgets or unusual ones, maybe just things they wouldn’t get for themselves. Here’s a few choice ones, for every kind of gadget lover and budget.


Joseph Joseph Nest Steamer


Steaming is by no means a new thing, and they may have everything from an electric steamer to a traditional Chinese bamboo version. This neat little set from Joseph Joseph is fun and functional, and certainly would keep them guessing if you just wrapped each section up separately.


Peugeot Annecy Cheese Mill


Take their grating up a gear, and give them something to show off, with the Peugeot Annecy grinder that works on hard cheese, chocolate and nuts, with different grating plates for each. Sleek design but effectiveat the job it’s designed to do, this looks like a serious piece of kit for some of those jobs that just get a bit tedious with poor equipment.


ProQ Cold Smoke Generator


If they are the adventurous sort of cook, then maybe consider the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, as they can have all sorts of fun with this, smoking everything from salmon to your own bacon, even cheese. They don’t need anything fancy to smoke things in, I love that it says you can set this to work in an old filing cabinet. There is a separate smoking cabinet you can buy, but maybe just start off with the basics.


Perfect Portions Digital Scale


Take their weights and measures up a level, particularly if they are keen on the nutritional value of their cooking, then how about the Perfect Portions Digital Scale? This is really clever and probably where the future might lie for us. Though might just keep an old skool set with weights for if the batteries run out!


Eddingtons Pro Sharp 5 in 1 Scissors


I think these 5 in 1 Pro Sharp Scissors from Eddingtons are like a Swiss army knife of scissors for the kitchen. In this one piece you get not only great scissors but also a bottle opener, nut cracker, wire stripper and garlic crusher. So as long as you don’t lose them, then you can save a whole lot of space by ditching 4 other gadgets for this one. Which means you’ve got some space for some more.


ETI Combo Infrared Probe Thermometer


If they are seriously into their cooking and baking, then accuracy is bound to play a big part in the recipes they turn out. Which probably means they need a really good digital thermometer, and whilst not sexy in styling, this combination infra-red and probe digital thermometer from ETI is great for doing the job really well. It’s really geared up to pro kitchens, but is not so inaccessible from a price perspective that it couldn’t find it’s way into any of our kitchens.

There are so many electrical type gadgets that you could get (I’m thinking doughnut maker or candyfloss maker) that might be fun once, but will end up gathering dust, probably. So I would think about the things they love to cook the most and then see what’s new in that area. Or ask me, I love a challenge!


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My fail safe cookbooks to gift to anyone

November 5th, 2016 · Baking, Christmas foodie gifts, Cookbooks, Foodie gifts


I love cookbooks, as many areas of my house would testify. And my favourites are well thumbed, and probably covered in cooking stains, which to me is the badge of a successful book. I’ve also given quite a number of cookbooks to other people over the years, and I know which ones people come back to tell me they’ve used, even if they were reluctant cooks and bakers.

So these may not be the newest, flashiest or cheapest books on the shelves this Christmas, but these cookbooks are ones that I think earn their keep year after year, and every home should have some if not all of them.


Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard - my favourite baking book ever


Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard

I’ve given quite a number of copies of this over the years, because it’s my favourite baking book. It’s also crammed full of incredible recipes, brilliant technique and great photos, written in a way that just makes you want to get into the kitchen straightaway! I love Dan’s writing, and his recipes, and I love to share this book.


River Cottage Family Cookbook - great gift for learner cooks


The River Cottage Family Cookbook

This is a great book for people with kids who want to cook, as it’s written in a way that’s really accessible for kids to read and follow, but not in a patronising way. It’s also great building blocks of cooking so allowing them to move beyond the basics and produce “proper” meals. It’s also a great book for those who say they don’t know how to cook.


The Social Bite Cookbook


The Social Bite Cookbook

I give this one because it’s a good cookbook that does good too. I love Social Bite, think it’s the most fantastic busienss, and I am so pleased to see them going from strength to strength, allowing them to do more good work. Look, if George Clooney thinks it’s a good thing, who am I to argue? If your Secret Santa budget is £10, spend it on this.


The New English Kitchen


The New English Kitchen by Rose Prince

The subtitle to this is how to make your food go further, and I think that the year ahead could be a tough one, and that we might all be tightening our belts just a bit further again. I fell in love with this book whilst on holiday this year, and just think it’s one that you’d end up dipping into time and time again, particularly when trying to work out what to do with leftovers, or stretch a piece of meat to cover more than one meal, or more people. Not short on taste or interesting recipes, I think it’s a keeper.


Star Wars Cookbook - for great food in this galaxy and beyond


The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookies Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes

Ok, this one is a bit of stuff and nonsense, but it is Christmas after all, and I know that this book is always a winner with anyone with even a passing love of Star Wars. I’ve bought more niche cookbooks over time, but none more loved or laughed over than this one. Love seeing people’s faces when they open this one.


So, these are my fail safes, that I think you can gift to just about anyone and be sure of a winner for them, and also for when they start cooking and baking from them. I’d love to know what your go to books to gift to someone else are, and why. And what’s the best one that you’ve ever received and would not now be without?


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Brewing up great gifts for tea lovers

November 3rd, 2016 · Foodie gifts


Time to treat the tea lovers with great gifts


Whilst there have been plenty of stats on the decline of tea, I think it’s still fair to say that in the UK we are still a nation of tea drinkers. Personally, I can’t start my day without a cup of tea, it’s a daily gift so here’s some great Christmas gifts for fellow tea lovers.


Breville 5 temperature setting kettle


Can’t make a good tea without water, but not necessarily boiling. This lovely looking kettle from Breville has 5 temperature settings, making it perfect for the perfect brew for every colour of tea. Great for a tea lover with a wide variety of tea tastes, or just general geekiness for a good gadget.


Christmas Tea Bauble Gift Set from Tregothnan - perfect gift for a tea lover


I do love the fact that there are quite a number of tea plantations around the UK now, and that some of them are even exporting tea to China. Tregothnan is, I think, the best known of our home grown plantations. For a festive treat from them, I like this Christmas Tea Bauble gift set, and you can choose which two teas to go in there, including their Jasmine, Earl Grey Blue Flower and Classic.

Dazed and Dazzled teapot from T2

Great tea deserves a great tea pot, for those times when you’re not just chucking a tea bag into a mug (I know, but let’s be real about this). I really love T2, one of my favourite finds on my trip to Australia. They have really good ceramics, and I love this teapot, really bright and vibrant to brighten up any morning brew. You’ll find matching mugs as well if you really want to splash out.


Make your own black tea kit from Bluebird Tea Co


Fancy yourself as a bit of master tea blender? Well, with this kit from Bluebird Tea Co then you can make your very own blend of black tea to your hearts content. With different types of black tea, and then some additional flavourings, you can have a number of combinations all before the turkey is cooked on Christmas Day.


You Complete Me Gin Mug


Tea needs a mug in my view. And this one is perfect for me, for MFL and for every other gin lover out there. Enjoy.


Green tea with cat tags

This gift hits so many different types of people. Green tea lovers. Those with a love of all things Japanese. Crazy cat ladies who will love the cat shaped tags on these tea bags. People that you have in the office secret Santa and know nothing about. Or just generally because you fancy some cute green tea tea bags.


Fika Teapot from Oliver BonasAnd if you’re going to be brewing green tea, then not only do you need a kettle that will get it to the right temperature, but you might like something like this to brew it in. This is the Fika Teapot from Oliver Bonas, and there are matching cups as well.


Personalised Tea Tin Gifts from Bluebird


Personalised gifts are always a lovely surprise, particularly when they are as good at these ones from Bluebird Tea Co (yes, I’m very fond of them as a tea supplier). You get two lines of message to personalise as you like, and you can choose which blend goes in here, from something festive like Christmas Cake or Snowball to something like the Great British Cuppa. You can even add the perfect tea spoon or a collapsible tea infuser as well. Great idea, great tea.

So, get the kettle on, make yourself a brew and decide what to get the other tea lovers in your life. Christmas needs good tea, not just turkey!


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